About CT 707

CT 707 is a global Risk Mitigation, Special Operations, and Training organization that provides services to government and corporate entities.

Established in 2009, CT 707 is spearheaded by Nir Maman, a former Section Commander, Lead Counter Terror and Krav Maga Instructor, and Operational Team Leader on the Israeli Special Forces Counter Terror Unit and Counter Terror and Special Operations School.

Nir’s professional background spans over 17 years and encompasses service in Military Special Forces, Policing, High Risk Security, and Dignitary Protection.

CT 707 is backed by an advisory board of respected experts in the fields of Military Special Operations, Police Tactical Operations and Use of Force instruction, Law, Medicine, and Psychology.

The organization is divided into two categories of service:

1) Special Operations: 

CT 707 has a self-contained team of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced professionals as well as a strategic global network capable of deploying to domestic and foreign environments to effectively undertake sensitive operational assignments or respond to crisis situations including:

  • -Threat risk assessment and mitigation,
  • -Infrastructure and disruptive environment protection,
  • -Counter Terrorism and Hostage Rescue operations,
  • -Personnel and asset recovery,
  • -Close Protection/Bodyguard services.
  • -Special investigation, intelligence, and counter intelligence services.

2) Training:

CT 707 specializes exclusively in the subject matters of Krav Maga, Tactical Weapons Manipulation and Shooting, Active Shooter Intervention, and Counter Terror Warfare.

Unlike many other Tactical systems out there, CT 707’s tactical methodologies are based on combat proven platforms deployed and refined in the most targeted volatile region in the world.  These methods are guaranteed to drastically enhance the tactical engagement and combat performance capabilities of individual Operators/Police Officers and operational units.

These tactical methodologies will also help reduce an Operator or Police Officer’s possibility of causing collateral damage during violent deadly force engagements in public areas.

CT 707 offers End-user and Instructor certifications in the following training subject matters:

  • -Counter Terror and Hostage Rescue Operations,
  • -Tactical/SWAT operations,
  • -Counter guerrilla operations,
  • -Intelligence and Counter-intelligence operations,
  • -Close Protection/Bodyguard operations,
  • -Tactical Shooting,
  • -and Krav Maga